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       ‘the pathway to your well-being’
     Lasting Touch Massage 
Offering: Swedish relaxation, Deep Tissue,                                                                 Reflexology, CORE Myofascial, and Reiki.
Also available:                                                                                                                                                     -- Chair Massage for your Office or event.                                                                                             -- Gift Certificates are a great way to show                                                                      someone how much you care.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Located at: One Evergreen Ave#32, Hamden, CT 06518                                                                                                                                                                
                        Sue Cohen’s Mission Statement

 As the owner of  Lasting Touch Massage LLC.   I strive to give each individual a one-on-one personal connection. Each session is individually planned based on your health history and your specific needs. This is your time to relax--there is always ample time before and after your session without the hurry and rush of the outside world. 
            Your massage experience
 Lasting Touch Massage sessions always provide safe, comfortable and professional   atmosphere. When you arrive for your massage session, you will be presented with a brief questionnaire to help determine the most beneficial session for you. We will discuss any questions you may have about the massage and review your needs  
The  goal at Lasting Touch Massage is for the maximum benefit from your session.  At any time during a session please inform your therapist of any changes that could  better your time here. Your privacy is of utmost importance. When you receive your massage session,  you will be appropriately draped at all times.
Massage Is a way toward healthy living. It is not just a luxury. Many physicians recommend massage as a complimentary way to relieve sore, tense muscles, reduce muscle spasms and improve the every day quality of life.
                         Begin your steps on the path toward well-being at Lasting Touch Massage.
       Call 203-605-2397  - 0r email : lastingtouch@snet.net or sue@lastingtouchmassage.com